The growth and protection of family wealth is at the forefront of our service offering
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  • Risk Planning

    Risk planning is the plan that your financial advisor plans for in the event of an unforeseen incident happening to you such as death, disability or dread disease. Risk insurance is planned for by using a fully comprehensive Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) constructed by using a client’s information such as assets, liabilities, income etc.

  • Investment Planning

    Investment planning is a process where your financial advisor will construct a road map in order for you to achieve your short, medium and long term financial goals. Your financial advisor will gather information from you in order to assess your return objectives, risk appetite and investment time horizon. Investment planning incorporates all financial instruments such as Unit Trusts, Retirements Annuities, Tax Free Savings Accounts, Endowments and other appropriate products. Based on your risk profile your advisor will construct a portfolio that will be invested in various local or offshore asset classes such as equities, property, bonds or cash.

  • Corporate/Group Benefits

    Group benefits are usually called employee benefits. The name suggests its meaning, they are insurance and investment benefits that employers assist their employees with, these benefits usually include medical aid, death, income protection, dread disease and retirement funding. Your financial advisor will construct a comprehensive range of products and services with the necessary tools to meet your company’s needs.

    Generally, the employer will make these benefits compulsory over time.

  • Insurance

    Sutherland Bell has partnered up with a short term specialist Financial Service Provider (FSP – 13147) called Carl Greaves Brokers (PTY) Ltd. to offer clients personal and commercial insurance. Carl Greaves has been in operation for over 50 years, from insuring people’s cars to company’s mining equipment. CG Brokers are an independent insurance and advisory FSP that has a fully-fledged new business and claims departments. They pride themselves on quality service. Insuring your assets, such as your property and vehicles is a necessity in a world full of unforeseen circumstances that could leave you financially crippled.

  • Foreign Exchange & Currency Transfers

    • Personal Payments
    • Foreign Investment and Tax Clearances
    • Leaving or returning to SA
    • Financial Emigration
    • Bank Accounts and Cash Management
  • Medical Aid & Gap Cover

    Medical aid is health insurance governed by a medical scheme, a legal body created to offset medical expenses of its members. The purpose of the scheme is not to make a profit but to rather pay claims on behalf of its members. There are various types of medical aids and other health products (such as Gap Cover). This is why it is imperative to get assistance from your financial advisor when selecting the most appropriate health and Gap Cover plan. Gap Cover policies are designed to address financial shortfalls between the rates that your medical aid covers and that of what medical specialists charge.

  • Fiduciary Services

    A fiduciary is a natural person or organization that is legally responsible for managing assets on behalf of someone else.

    Sutherland Bell has appointed Henwoods to assist clients with the following:

    • Conveyancing and Notarial Practice
    • Property Law
    • Wills and Trusts
    • Civil Litigation
    • The administration of deceased estates
  • Tax Planning

    Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation or a plan from a tax perspective. It is very important to plan your assets around achieving tax efficiencies. Sutherland Bell will work closely with their partners in order to create a financial plan that maximizes tax efficiencies, through lucrative tax products. Their partners have been mandated to assist our clients with the following:

    • Accounting
    • Secretarial
    • Payroll
    • Taxation & Compliance
    • Business Advisory & Management
  • Property Planning

    Evolution Properties, a dynamic real estate company and agency is authorized to assist all Sutherland Bell client’s with the following services:

    · Residential & Commercial Sales

    · Residential & Commercial Leasing

    · Development Sales & Management

    · Investment Property Acquisition

    Due to the close relationship that Sutherland Bell has with Evolution Properties, all Sutherland Bell clients will receive preferential fees when their services are utilized.

    We, at Sutherland Bell will assist our clients with the following services tied to a property acquisition or sale:

    · Saving for your deposit

    · Investing proceeds from a sale

    · Insuring your property against fire, theft or damage (as per banks requirements when a bond is present)

    · Insuring your life in the event of death, disability or dread disease (as per banks requirements when a bond is present)